We take part in all the phases of your project :


  • Analysis of your needs
  • Development of preliminary designs and 3D simulations
  • Project Kick-off meeting
  • Composition of a multi-disciplinary project team


  • Engineering studies, programming and design using specialised CAD/ DAD software: CATIA, Solidworks, etc.
    Departments : Automation, Robotics, Electrical, Mechanics


  • Purchasing of standard components and production of machined parts
  • Testing laboratory equipped with a three-dimensional machine
  • Mounting and assembly at our production facilities
  • Drafting of protocols and technical documentation (AF, AMDEC, ADR…)
  • Settings and adjustments
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)


  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • Technical assistance for ramp-up phase
  • Personal training


  • Contracts for maintenance and methods engineering services
    • Systematic, conditional and prospective preventive maintenance operations
    • Corrective maintenance
    • In-production tehcnical assistance


Our expertises: Robotics, Automation, Electrical, Mechanical, Micromechanics, Instrumentation, Industrial vision, industrial control, Vacuum Technology, Laser, Hydraulics, Wiring, Industrial computing, HMI development, etc.

Applications: Machining, inspection, assembly, adjustment, brushing, sorting, test bench, measurement, processing, riveting, welding, deburring, etc.


Some realisations:

Prototyping any equipment
Design and manufacture control means
Tools and cockpit control templates and soffit panels
Tools to aid the installation of landing gear box rails
Special machines control and finishing for engine parts
inspection machines, assembly and missile micromotors winding
Transfer and automation of internal transport equipment fuselage sections
• Automatic cell assembly and dismantling machining chips, milling robots
Robotic Ilot fuselage rivets sorting
adjusting Cells

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