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With more than 30 years of experience devoted to designing and building specialised machines and production lines, the Baron group offers turn-key, high efficiency solutions for the Aerospace industries. From the design phase to facilities maintenance, our group is a dedicated point of contact, and offers cross-cutting skills to automate your manufacturing processess and help manage all of your jobs. In order to assist you with your most innovative plans, our R&D department will work hand-in-hand with your staff to supply machines with high added value based on cutting-edge technology. The renowned experience of our family-owned group has enable us to stand out as a reliable, prefered Partner with major manufacturing companies the world over.



Over 20 000m²


45 M €


Over 36

Years of experience


Family-owned business

The Baron Group


Since 1983, we have developped our skills in order to meet the demands of clients : offer high-performance turnkey solutions. The sector of special machines is complicated and asks a wide range of expertise : Industrial vision, Robotics, Automation, Electricity, Mechanical, Boilermaking, Maintenance, ...
We have chosen to integrate all of these jobs to control our value chain and ensure a reactivity to our clients.
Work with the Baron Group, it's choose a single contact who will take care of your project from A to Z. From conception to Ramp-up and maintenance phase.
But it's also the choice to create a partnership to support you in the introduction of new technologies around industry 4.0.
Our ADN ? Sustainability, Innovation and Growth.


We work in many sectors : Aeronautics, military, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, luxury, car, food, chemistry, energy .. The requirements and the regulatory constraints for each sectors are a real source of inspiration for the search for new technical solutions.


Respect, humility and the entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, this is not possible without teamwork, the pillar of our group’s values.
" Individual work permit to win a match but it is the team spirit and collective intelligence which permit to win the World Cup " Aimé Jacquet
We are a family company. The human dimension is fundamental, and we are very committed to preserving these values.

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